Sign up fee $250. Sign Up Fee Waived for New Brand Ambassadors! 

For a limited time, Carelumina is waiving the Brand Ambassador sign up fee. Now, you can sign up for just $39.95 per month!

Included with your monthly fee, you'll receive Telehealth plus your choice of one other invaluable life services from Carelumina. 

*After signing up you will be contacted by a Carelumina Brand Ambassador who will welcome you to the team and assist you in selecting your 2nd service.

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Carelumina is focused on illuminating all aspects of your life. With the development of an incredible line of life protecting digital services, Carelumina delivers peace of mind while protecting your health, wealth and financial security.

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Life Protecting Digital Services

  • Unlimited access to board certified physicians anytime
  • Covers entire immediate family
  • No appointment necessary to speak with a physician
  • Access anywhere via any internet connected device or mobile app
  • Physicians diagnose, recommend treatment & write non-DEA controlled prescriptions
  • Safe & secure with the HIPAA compliant EMR platform


  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Locksmith services
  • Flat tire change
  • Fuel delivery services
  • Battery jump start

Roadside Assistance Available 24/7/365

Identity Protection

  • Personal data misuse monitoring & alerts
  • $1 million identity theft insurance ($0 deductible)
  • Full-service identity restoration services
  • Live 24/7 lost wallet assistance
  • Change of address monitoring & alerts
  • Social Security monitoring & alerts

Tech Support

  • Secure online data backup software (100GB)
  • BitDefender internet security + antivirus / antispyware software
  • Access to self-help library
  • Discounted in-person tech services
  • Best practices performance & security assessment


Roadside Assistance 

Identity Protection

Credit Monitoring

  • Real-time alerts for credit data changes
  • Monthly credit score updates
  • Month-to-month credit score tracker
  • Credit score simulator
  • On-demand credit report savings

Credit Monitoring

Tech Support

Accelerate your business or let it grow on its own!

Old Unfair Matrix

Our Fair Matrix

With Carelumina's unique 3x9 matrix, you can work your business or let your business work for you!

As a Brand Ambassador with Carelumina, you have the ability to work your business to accelerate your residual earnings, or sit back and let it operate its own and grow over time. 

Once the business is generating revenue on multiple levels, a Brand Ambassador can invest a one-time fee to FAST TRACK them to the next level of earnings.

Carelumina's unique 3x9 matrix is unlike any other matrix. This matrix allows Brand Ambassadors to grow their businesses as fast as possible.

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